Issue n.2 Call for proposals


Occupied Italy, 1943-1947 – N. 2 (September 2022)

The journal Occupied Italy 1943-1947, dedicated to the study of the history of the Second World War in Italy and its immediate consequences, is issuing a call for abstracts to select the articles that will be published in the next issue (September 2022), dedicated to the theme “The war in Italy: new research perspectives”.

The history of the Second World War and its consequences continues, in fact, to stimulate new research in light of original perspectives (for example: gender, transnational, interdisciplinary).

The second issue of Occupied Italy therefore wants to contribute to a broad and articulated debate to promote the most recent trends in the historiography of the Second World War, by privileging the Italian context in its many forms.

Contributions related to the following topics are encouraged (the list is not to be considered exhaustive):

  • The Italian campaign and international relations during and after the Second World War: new perspectives.
  • The Second World War in Italy in a gender perspective.
  • Bodies of war: how the experience of war contributed to creating, modifying, discovering new forms of corporeal (female and male, individual and collective) and relational experiences.
  • The relationship between the Resistance and the Allies: transnational dynamics; the role of the secret services; dualism of cooperation / distrust and support / conflict; the Allies and local Resistances.
  • German occupation and the RSI: organization and relationships of the Nazi occupation forces in Italy, Nazi perpetrators and executions/massacres.
  • Collective representation and forms of public imagery: representations of the occupiers / liberators in mass culture and in the media.
  • The Italian campaign and East-West relations: Italy as a strain for post-war Allied relationship, the role of post-war Italy in the developing of the Cold War.
  • Justice in time of war: civil and military justice, military courts, partisan justice, de-fascistization and amnesty.
  • The militarization of civil society.

The abstracts must indicate, together with the central theme of the article, the main sources that will be used in the article and the relevant references to the historiographical context. The abstracts must be no more than 2000 characters, and must be sent, together with a synthetic CV (maximum 2 pages), by 21 March 2022 to the following address:

The editorial staff, after consultation with the scientific committee, will evaluate the abstracts and notify the selection by 28 March 2022.

Articles will undergo double-blind peer review. Contributions in Italian and English are accepted.

Author guidelines are available here:

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