About Occupied Italy

Occupied Italy is a digital, full-text, open-access, peer-reviewed journal. It is dedicated to the study of Italy during the Second World War and the consequences of the conflict for the country, starting from the Allied landing in the summer of 1943 and up to the years of the Cold War.

The scientific field of the journal, according to ANVUR classification, is Area 11 (Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche), SSD M-STO/04.

Occupied Italy was created with the aim of providing an original and innovative research tool for Italian and foreign scholars on the military, political, cultural, and economic aspects relating to the period of the Allied and German occupation of Italy, and on the long-term effects that the conflict had for the country, reaching up to the Cold War. Designed with a strong focus on interdisciplinarity, the journal wants to underline the importance of Italian events in the context of the Second World War and the Cold War.

The journal aims to be a platform for research and dialogue between scholars with different scientific backgrounds and methods. Contributions, in Italian and English, on the following topics are encouraged (but the list should not be considered exhaustive):

– Second World War: the Allied military campaign in Italy; the German occupation and the Repubblica Sociale Italiana; Resistance and Civil War; relationship between occupied populations and occupying authorities.

– Long post-war period: the political reconstruction of Italy; cultural and public memory of war and civil war; evolution in the Italy-USA / Italy-Germany relationship; Italy in the context of the Cold War, national and transnational perspectives; Italy and the USSR.

Occupied Italy is a project created by Mu.Bat association: http://www.mubat.it/it/